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Know about the best slow pitch softball bats

The game of softball is gaining more and more popularity in recent times. Being one of the best family, sports, the game of softball has been said to be the game for the family. That being said, it is essential to buy the best kit and softball equipment, if you plan to enjoy the best that softball has to offer. This article is focused on the best slow pitch softball bats you can find in the market and their features which will be extensively highlighted.

  • DeMarini Flipper ASA OG slow pitch softball bat: The DeMarini Flipper offers an adjusted swing weight. The Flipper OG utilizes a cream, two-piece, adjusted development with a firm 100% composite barrel and an ZnX amalgam handle that builds firmness and strength by offering less flex which offers a boost in results. Also the trademark colossal trampoline impact and smooth feel to contact that the DeMarini brand offers is present on this bat. Also, the DeMarini Flipper features a two-piece, hybrid softball bat with a ZnX alloy handle which helps in creating stiffness at contact by offering less flex and more force on contact. It additionally offers a balanced swing weight and incredible performance. It features a Composite Barrel which creates a smooth feel, while offering the maximum softball gloves
  • Easton Ghost Double Barrel slow pitch softball bat: Created particularly for gentler ASA softballs, this moderate pitch bat consolidates an inward and an external barrel to convey the most minimal passable confirmed pressure at 750 PSI. Just beneath the barrel is the attempted and-genuine ConneXion+ innovation that has been upgraded, but yet ensures the best-in-class feel. The bat is licensed for use both in the ASA and ISF and features composite two-piece softball bat with a full double barrel structure from Connexion to end cap.
    Additionally, Easton Ghost offers a 2-piece CONNEXION+ technology which guarantees the best-in-class feel and a balanced swing weight.
  • Miken Freak 23 Maxload USSSA slow pitch bat: Made for players who favor more mass behind their swing and extraordinary separations on contact, this model of the Miken softball bat is a two-piece, completely composite ba which is manufactured with by Miken Sports in the United States. This bat additionally offers a Flex 2 Power (F2P) technology which helps in the optimization of the flex and barrel loading, with the aim of maximizing speed through the zone. The incredible 100 COMP build makes use of 100% premium aerospace grade fibers with the aim of delivering impeccable performance and durability. It also features a max load of 1/2 ounce end load which provides incredible power.

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