munchkin bottle warmer

How to Use Munchkin Bottle Warmer – Warming up your baby’s milk bottles isn’t fun

Generally, to warm up your baby milk, in the bottle, you require hot water and some time. You will heat the water in a container in a microwave and drop this in your baby bottle and leave this for some minutes. You can also boil this water first, and dunk bottle there. Either of these methods for warming up the bottles can take five minutes. Being a parent, you exactly know that even some seconds will make a massive difference between the hungry baby and hungry and yelling baby. So, time is of an essence when you are warming up the food or milk.

munchkin bottle warmer

Best way to warmup the milk bottles

Best way to warm up the bottles is with the bottle warmer. The bottle warmers will save you effort and time. Typically, to warm up one to two ounces of liquid this can take you around two and a half minutes with munchkin bottle warmer. This is probably the best investments you will ever make during initial years of the baby’s life.  So, how to use munchkin bottle warmer? The Munchkin baby bottle warmer manual instructions are very simple, and you will not even need it. Just fill the given water reservoir and replace this in its slot. After that place this bottle with some milk in basket and place cover ring over its opening and turn timer to make the bottle warm.

How does baby bottle warmer actually work?

It is straightforward; this device has got the heating element in its center at a bottom. There is the basket that sits over a one-quarter inch above its heating element. You need to place your baby bottle in this basket, so it does not come in touch with a heating element or melt. There’s the water reservoir that gives water & fills in this gap between basket and heating element. So, when you turn on the timer, heating element fast brings water to the soft boil and steam formed will heat the bottle. Timer controls this heating element, and in few minutes, you will have the warm milk for your baby.

Final Words

However,this device is very cool and works as marketed. I will say it is one of the best baby bottle warmer for the breast milk or other kinds of food, or formula.