Used Car Makes More Financial Sense

Used Car Makes More Financial Sense than New Car

Why should I buy a car that depreciates mercilessly instead of one that does not suffer extensive depreciation? It only applies to reason to put my money where my mouth is. I cannot trust a new car not to depreciate, but I can bet my last dime on a used car not to depreciate fast. It is only wise then to go for a used car in place of a new one since it will give me top value for money. I suggest you reason like me and buy used cars in Montclair instead of wasting your hard-earned money on a new car that will start depreciating rapidly from the first day you purchase it.

Do used cars also depreciate?

Not as if used cars do not depreciate; they depreciate in value also, but their rates of depreciation are not as fast as what you experience when you buy new cars.  As a result, you can avoid the big initial depreciation hit when you buy used cars in Montclair in place of a new one.

Aside from the depreciation problem, several other factors make a new car not to be the best choice for any careful spender, and some of those factors will be considered in the remaining part of this write-up.

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The unnecessary fees are annoying

Too many fees and charges have to be paid on that new car and these fees and charges have a way of adding up and further increasing the cost of buying a new car. For example, the dealership will also bill you extra charges for buying the new car from their dealership; the government will slam you with several fees that may end up putting a hole in your pocket. This is never the case when you buy used cars in Montclair. You will not be bothered by many of the charges attached to the purchase of a new car. This is about one of the most important reasons to buy a used car. What is more, you can get top value from that used car if you use it very well and also give it the right maintenance when there is a need for that.  The ball is in your court.

Affordable registration fee

You will have to pay a registration fee on either the new and used car. A used car will, however, not attract as much registration fee as a new car.  Aside from the lower registration fee on used cars in Montclair, you will also not be burdened by many of the other fees that you have to pay on a new car.