An ultimate guide of kodi VPN 2018

Basically, setting up the best vpn for kodi on various platforms can be a quite daunting task. If you need some help for setting up the kodi VPN, then there is an ultimate guide available for setting up the kodi for each platform. Before setting up the kodi vpn, you have to search for the best vpn country for kodi for open vpn via an add-on. This add-on greatly helps the different vpn providers, so you can simply make use of the service from inside kodi. However, this might be a kodi vpn 2018 for free, so the kodi users can get access to the geo-restricted channels on kodi. All you have to do is to simple download and install the open vpn GUI software on their devices. After that, you can download the executable open vpn files from the vpn provider. Once you have gone through these processes, you can simply follow the steps given below that needs downloading kodi plug-in for the vpn manager add-on:

  • Initially, you have to download the zomboided repository from git hub onto your system
  • Now, you launch kodi
  • After, go to add-ons
  • Now, tap on ‘add-on browser’ icon location at the top left corner
  • Choose Install from zip file
  • Now, you see a notification in the top right corner, once the add-on is added
  • Click on Install from repository
  • Install the add-on and wait for add-on enabled notification
  • Open the add-on
  • Choose the vpn provider you need to setup under the vpn configuration
  • Go to vpn connection tab and choose first vpn connection
  • Select the server you need to connect
  • You can attach several vpn connections by entering the servers
  • Finally, click ok and enjoy the vpn connection

Easy setup guides for kodi VPN on Mac

In order to setup the kodi vpn for Mac, below are easy steps to follow:

  • First, go to Apple Store-> Search for Pure VPN
  • Install the Pure VPN on your Mac device
  • Now, open the Pure VPN app
  • Let sign up to Pure VPN by using VPN table provided
  • Type Log in details-> Open kodi-> Stream Movies and Television shows

A review about kodi VPN

In order to watch the unlimited blocked content, you can use the best vpn country for kodi from the leading servers available in main parts of the world. They offer uninterrupted connection, quick streaming and fantastic entertainment experience to the users.