Real purpose of insuring life to an Insurance company

There are many risk workers are working for the company.  They are in the electrical work, some of them in dangerous works. All these people are need of insurance. The main reason is as long they are risk free and earning money they are able to save their family. Once they demise, there is no person to save the family.  The family is in trouble. The family is not in a position to maintain the status. This happens to all the people. They are in the middle class, they are in the lower class, and some of them are in the upper middle class, some of them are in the high class. They are unable to feed their children educate their children. At the same time, if the person is buying a policy from any company, that family is paid by the insurance company.

Insurance company

The accident death is paying more money than the normal death. The family would not be in trouble. The lady would remain widow. She would not be forced to marry again. She would be in a position to save and educate her children in the high class schools and in the colleges. This is the reason the insurance is necessary for every family.  The families no need to depend on single person or anybody once insurance is paying them big money. The insurance companies are earning only little money.  Once they are paying many death cases, they are spending the money for the policy holders. In that case, they must have to earn only little money. This is the reason all the insurance companies are connected with the governments. The government takes only forty percent of the profit money. Fifty five percent goes for the insurance companies. This is the reason there could not be seen much advertisements about the insurance companies in media.