Buy Free V Bucks

Buy Free V Bucks for Battle Royale

The main thing the players need to level up in Fortnite is the V Bucks. It is a gaming currency specially designed for the games. Every game has its own currency to buy packages and upgrades the characters. And the same is with Fortnite. So, if you need V Bucks for Fortnite modes, then you can earn them with Free V Bucks generator. Whether it is for Save the World or for Battle Royale, you can easily generate the V bucks.

The main challenge is to earn Fortnite Battle Royale free V bucks. Even though Battle Royale mode allows a player to earn V bucks but the winnings are very low. The Free V Bucks generator will give you a free pass for battle royale mode. This way you will be able to level up your character and equipment easily and quickly.

To get free V bucks with Battle Royale, you need to do the following:

  • V Bucks can be gathered by leveling up and getting to the higher tiers in the Battle Pass.
  • You need to gain experience points and battle stars.
  • As you pass the battle tiers, you get an option to check what prize you will earn later in the home menu.

Fortnite Battle Royale free V bucks

Other than these, there are several other methods to earn the V Bucks like:

  • Daily log-ins
  • Epic Games Fortnite
  • Daily Quests

You also get additional rewards for surviving in the Battle Royale. But there is no better method to earn the free V bucks other than using the generator. But even with this generator, you can’t claim the V bucks more than once a day. The generator restricts you to do that because of the policy of Epic Games. If they get suspicious that you are using such kind of tool, then you can get banned from the game. Therefore it is advised to use the generator once per day.

As you earn Fortnite Battle Royale free V bucks, you will be able to buy a range of cosmetics, outfits, and battle pass. Normally, the V bucks are earned in the Save the World mode. But you can spend them in the Battle Royale mode. So, make sure that you earn them as much as possible. The Free V bucks generator makes it easy for the players to buy V Bucks without spending real money.