Best Baked Chicken Recipes

Top 3 Best Baked Chicken Recipes For You

Meals are great when it’s baked; that much is true. This is because it’s much healthier; plus, foods that are baked can be paired with just about anything even with a mild drink in hand. If you’re trying to cut junk foods from your system or just want to wolf down a good meal without feeling bad, then these great recipes for baked food chicken are just right for you.

Chicken Pesto

Your favorite pesto comes with a much healthier alternative than the usual bite. Chicken Pesto is served with a baked chicken top with fresh pesto sauce. All you need to prepare is the pesto sauce. The steps are simple, you need to beat the chicken fillets with a mallet and marinate it with lemon and salt for 5 minutes. Once that is done, you need to coat the chicken fillets with your already made pesto sauce, put them on a baking dish and bake it at 190 degrees for 25 minutes. You can add some of your favorite cheese if you want to be extra cheesy and serve when warm.

Baked Pepper Chicken

Prepare your favorite usual baked chicken with a delicious twist; make it a “peppery” meal! It’s a 40-50 minutes prep, but once it’s served, you won’t be able to get enough. The main take away on this dish is its use of dahi (yogurt) and maida (refined flour). All you need to do is pierce your chicken and then marinate it in dahi, maida, ginger, garlic, salt, and peppercorns for a whole 5 hours straight! Once the marinade is finished, then you can bake the chicken pieces on a dip tray within 20 minutes before serving. You can also grill this too! The baking time is for 15-20minutes or until tender.

Baked Pepper Chicken

Spicy Baked Chicken

Now, this will make your meal extra spice – the kind of easy comfort food recipes that you need after a long day at work. You need:

Turmeric, chili powder, coarsely ground black pepper, salt, vinegar, a tbsp of stuffing, spring onion paste, oil, cool rice, shredded mint, garlic paste, 3 green chopped chilies, 1/2 tsp of sugar, 1 egg to bind, 1/4 tsp of Ajwain seeds and salt to taste.

You just need to combine all the spices together and rub it all over the chicken. You would need to fry the garlic, and once that’s done, you can use it as your stuffing for the chicken. When everything is well and good to go, you would then bake it at 220 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes or until tender. Tip: The secret to a very delicious baked chicken meal is to make sure that you marinate it as best as you could!