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Security padlock: how much do you know about it?

Storing things in basements, fish markets or storage rooms always gives us nightmares. As long as there are some low-value items, their potential theft won’t be too painful, of course. Worse if we talk about bicycles, tools or expensive tires, the situation changes. The only protection is a security padlock, if not, our belongings are not safe from thieves. In this article, we are going to talk about padlocks. Click here for number combination locks.

Good Security Padlock – Features

There are three basic types of padlocks that differ in construction. These are padlocks:

  • of Arc
  • chuck
  • of cable


The chuck locks, have a straight ear. They are safer, but also more expensive. Also, they don’t always fit to close all doors. The closure must be collinear and both elements must be relatively close to each other. If we have the option of using this type of security, we should not hesitate. Remember never to choose a lock that is too big and exaggerated. Let’s measure our closure and only then do we go shopping. If we leave a lot of space between the ear and the piece of padlock, we invite the thief to enter. Visit this site for number combination locks.


Cable locks are mostly used for bicycles or motorcycles, since they are easy to handle and immobilize large objects.

What security padlock for doors and gates?

When buying a lock for doors, gates, shutters, or even vans and trucks, let’s pay attention to other features, such as:

  • anti-theft certificates,
  • Fabrication material,
  • hole thickness
  • hole length
  • padlock size.