Operation of vortex tubes

The mechanical devices acting as the cooling medium and used in number of companies releases cold and hot air through the tubes when squeeze gas is sent inside. There arises a question how can both hot and cool air is released from one compressed air stream. Vortextubes are designed in such a way that it can be anticipated and controlled. Researchers worked hard and had put forward certain theories regarding the working process of vortex tubes.

Working process: when compressed air is passed into the tube through vortex generator  the hot air comes from one end and the cool air comes from the other end. A small value available at the hot end which comes with handy controllable knob which is adjustable in nature enables the users to adjust the volume and temperature of air released from the cold end.

Vortex Generator: vortex generator, a stationary unit acts as the interchangeable source and controls the volume of squeeze gas and allows the user to change the air flow and temperature range that can be produced with the tube.

ColdFraction: The term cold fraction helps the users to understand the working process of vortex tubes in a simple manner.  Cold fraction is the amount of the compresses air injected into the tube which gets released through the cold end. The cooler air released will remain cool when the cool air is released in less fractions. Cold fraction acts as the function indication of the vortex generator in the tube which is framed as High cold fraction and Low cold fraction generators.

Most of the industries use High cold fraction generators for application process. High cold fraction generators helps to maintaining the temperatures lower than the compressed air temperatures. Highest cold fraction tubes helps in providing greater air flowsbut the tubes at the same time fail to provide lowest possible temperatures.  The combination of high cold fraction and airflows will helps in producing the highest refrigeration capacity. Maximum cooling occurs only with high cold fraction tubes.

Easy to control: Vortex tubes converts the compressed air into toe air streams one is too cold air and one is hot air without using any moving parts. The user has to set the output cold temperatures with the handy controllable knob and thermometer and no tools are required. A simple interchangeable part of the vortextube, vortex generator delivers five different types of air flows  8, 10, 15, 25, 35 cfm and the air flows are released in two ranges high and low.  Vortex tubes are designed in a simple way and comes at low costand are easily maintained by the users with a minimal maintenance cost as no tools are involved.