stopping puppy biting tips

Stopping Puppy Biting in 3 Simple Ways

Are you the proud owner of a puppy, but want to stop your dog from biting your hands? Well you’re at some luck! Dogs are impressionable animals; it means if you ever teach them what’s right or wrong when they are very young, you can eliminate their undesirable behavior later. Thus, if you follow these methods of keeping your dog from biting, you won’t have such trouble later on in life. However, before getting in these tips, you should remember it is natural and essential phase for the young puppies for biting.

stopping puppy biting tips

Do Not Play Any Such Games That Encourage Biting

It’s very important not to play games with the puppy like tug of war, chase type or wrestling games when trying to stop your puppy from biting. Such games will just make your dog think that the biting is one desired behavior and encourage them. Avoid such games in case you wish to eliminate biting and nipping from the new pup.

Stay Assertive and Make Your Puppy Know Biting Is Not Good

Your dog is young and doesn’t yet understand that biting isn’t the good behavior. You need to clearly communicate this message that puppy biting isn’t desired and that they must not engage in such behavior. Stay assertive when you want to tell your dog that it isn’t good to bite.

Make Your Dog Think That You Get Hurt in Biting

The most popular way of biting inhibition is acting as you are hurt when your dog bites you. When the dog begins to nip on you, shout out in loud or high pitched voice like “Ow!” This trick is startling your puppy with your voice, to pull away & not to play with your puppy for some time. This can make him to realize that each time he bites you, his playmate may go away.

These three simple ways are made to encourage your dog not to bite or nip on you and are the best stopping puppy biting tips. Keep in mind never inflict any kind of harm to your puppy during this training process since it will lead to some terrible consequences. It is important that you know to never punish your dog with any physical punishment, such as hitting. Puppies might well see it as one game, and will really make the biting worse, or puppy may grow being terrified of you.