Factors That Affect the Cost of an In-Ground Swimming Pool

Pools are generally expensive and many factors influence the price estimation of the pool, such as the size of the pool, depth, materials used, etc. For a simple pool in the field, you can expect to spend between $ 40 and $ 60. USD per square foot of the pool. Decide on the design of the pool and calculate the square footage and multiply it for around $ 50, so you’ll get an idea of ​​the basic price of your pool before the amenities.

After calculating the group’s bazenicijene, consider several additional factors that may increase or decrease this price in bazenirijeka.com.

These are some factors that can affect the cost of your inground pool.

– Depth

The base price of US $ 50 per square foot means that the total depth of your pool is between 5 ‘and 13’. Due to factors such as the amount of concrete used to support the weight of the water and the excavation, the one that is less than 5 ‘and greater than 13’ can affect the price.

– Prefabricated pool kits

These can be purchased between $ 5,000 and $ 20,000 and these are just the materials for the pool itself. The cost of digging, concrete, laying, decking, plumbing and electrical work can add $ 3,400 or more to the cost.

– Conveniences

Any supplement can also increase the base prices of the inground pool. Equipment such as waterfalls, illuminations, fountains, etc. They must have an individual price after estimating the costs of the ingroundpool.

Do not reduce installation or crafting costs, as this can cause major problems, such as leaks in your pool, which may result in the removal and restart of the entire project from the beginning.

When you estimate the true cost of inground pool, you can do the following:

– Check with friends and neighbors with pools and ask how much they paid for them.
– There are companies that offer seasonal discounts, especially in winter. Ask around and see what offers are available to you.

When planning the installation of a pool, in addition to the basic bazeni cijene in the field, you should also consider the future cost of maintaining the pool and provide the necessary safety features, like a fence. Pool water needs to be changed every month, chemical kits are also needed to make sure the water stays safe and the filtration system needs to work properly. There are also unprecedented costs such as repairs.