Essence of replacing and maintaining radiators

As we know the clear fact that the usage of radiators will let it keep your room in a hygienic and healthy environment. Similarly using 200mm radiator also performs the same functionalities.

Let’s have a brief note on how to replace radiators especially 200mm wide towel radiator and let you know how to maintain it simultaneously with the following sequence of steps;

  • Initially switch off your water supply where the water flow comes out through the connected central heating system and also sequentially cools out accordingly. Followed by you have to eventually sort out radiator valves that are connected at either ends of the system too.
  • Similarly drain out the radiator that is of old one’s which you are trying to replace with new ones is the followed step of this process in order to bleed out the drained water that was stored in it will come out from the control valve connected to it by loosening the other end sequentially.
  • After draining off and loosening of the nuts that are connected to the central heating system, you can simply lift the radiator through the upward direction in order to remove from the resided wall brackets. In this way you can simply remove the old radiator from your room quickly.
  • Then you can re-hang your new radiator by wrapping up a piece of PTFE tapes in order to make sure to let the radiator work in a clockwise direction only.
  • Before going to install a new radiator, simply fit either end of the valves such as control valves and lock shield valves carefully to the wall respectively. Do not tight compression fitting very much tighter other than required.
  • Subsequently now open up thermostatic valve carefully in order to ensure to open up bleed valves which will eventually let the water to be get filled in the radiator.

Summary: Hence these are the minimum steps to be followed while you want to replace the old radiators or towel rails with the new ones and it is also necessarily required for the effective replacement too.