The Importance Of Rudrabhishek – Is It Effective?

Rudra is the popular name of Lord Shiva. While Rudrabhishek is a well-known puja and worship that is performed to Shivling through a holy bath. In Hinduism, this is probably one of the most powerful forms of worships. It is believed to bring blessings to the devotees as well as prosperity and peace. It can also remove any sins of births.

rudrabhishekamThe Best Time For Rudrabhishek

Rudrabhishek is usually performed during the Shivratri months. From July to August or any day of Shravan is the most ideal for rudrabhishekam. The most important part of this ancient practice is the holy chant of Sri Rudam that is from the Yajur Veda and also giving Shivling a holy bath using different materials like milk, honey, parchment, or fruit salad. If you want to know why Rudrabhishek is highly recommended, then you must read on.

Rudrabhishek Preparations

Before the Rudrabhishek starts, there are elaborate preparations that need to be followed. The Asanas or the seats have to be prepared for Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati, as well as the other Gods and Goddesses. Blessings are sought before initiating the puja through worship of Ganesh to achieve the success of puja. The devotee also needs to chant the Sankalp or the purpose of why the puja is being performed.

The pujas are performed to different gods as well as the universal energies including Mother Earth, Ganesh, Ganga Mata, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Surya, Lord Agni, as well as Lord Brahma together with the nine planets. Once the puja offerings are done to all of these deities, the Shivling will be placed at the altar as well as the arrangement to collect water from the image during the Abhishek.

The Rudrabhishek Procedure

Rudrabhishek is done after a home or the sacrificial offering in the fire and is being performed by the qualified priests. The Shivling is set up to be facing the north direction and the devotee will sit facing the east direction just near the Shivling. Ganga Jal starts Abhishek by pouring all the materials for Abhishek on the Shivling. This is done one at a time, washing the Shivling in between with Ganga Jal.

Special dishes are offered to the Lord and the Arati at the end of the Rudrabhishek. The Gangal Jal is then collected and is sprinkled to the devotees. Some are given for drinking to remove the sins away as well as different diseases. All throughout the Rudrabhishek, Rudram or the Om Namashivaya is changed.

Rudrabhishek, Why Is It Performed?

According to some scriptures, it is believed that Rudrabhishek is done only once in your entire lifetime. That is when the person is in great need of spiritual progress. Or maybe the individual needs some earth benefits for relief from any problems and difficulties in life. Rudrabhishek is believed to be very effective in warding off your troubles caused by the afflicted position of Saturn.

The Rudrabhishek procedure is very elaborate. However, it needs to be organized in a very meticulous manner for it to be effective. You do not need to have the knowledge of the shastras since Lord Shiva is easy to please and can forgive any shortcomings. Lord Shiva only sees good intention and your devotion. Rudrabhishek can bring peace, wealth, success, and happiness to families.