Making the right choice in buying used cars

Our peace of mind promise guarantees you, our customer, a great experience in buying your next luxury car. We know you’re making the right choice to buy from us, and we’re out to prove it. Our vision of integrity and transparency is not an option, but a mission.

buying used cars

Why choose to buy from us
The price you see is the price you get. Our guaranteed low price makes buying a car quick, easy, and convenient. Westcoast Auto Sales has over ten years of experience in buying, and we hand-pick each and every vehicle. Not just any used luxury cars in Montclair makes it to our inventory. Our careful selection and inspection process guarantees our customers the best luxury vehicle for their money. We also guarantee our customers a hassle-free buying experience and the best financing options in Southern California. We’re proud to say that we offer the most beautiful selection of pre-owned luxury vehicles, the most experienced staff, and the best rates in a 300-mile radius.

Our strength in finance
We are uniquely positioned to offer the best rates in Southern California. Each vehicle is competitively priced to provide our customer with a haggle-free experience in buying their next luxury pre-owned car. We guarantee our customer the best price on all of our cars while keeping in mind the high standard of quality Southern Californians looks for in their next luxury pre-owned vehicle.

Keep everything in transparent
Transparency in our finance options is another thing that makes us unique – and is part of our promise to you. We utilize our lengthy experience in finance to provide you with the optimal finance options that best fit your needs. We work with an extensive number of a variety of finance companies with the right programs to match each customer’s needs and credit qualification. Integrity and transparency in the sales and finance transaction is the foundation of our promise to our customer.

Not just a slogan but also a life’s mission
We believe in quality, integrity, and transparency. It’s not merely a slogan, but our life’s mission. We believe that outstanding service before, during and after a sale is another quality that differentiates us from all the rest. That’s why we pledge to go out of our way to answer any questions you may have and take the time to help you select a model and purchase plan that is right for you. And it’s why we guarantee your vehicle well beyond industry standards, we believe that our ethic of transparency and standing behind every vehicle we sell has more than proven to be a great business model – it’s the very basis of our success. The bottom line is, at Westcoast Auto Sales we believe in giving more than we get. We choose to make selecting and purchasing a vehicle a positive and hassle-free experience for each and every one of our clients. And this means never sacrificing quality in our vehicles, and in our service, in the name of profit.