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Robotics and artificial intelligence will soon play a major role in space travel. Autonomous all-terrain has recently provided researchers with a wealth of data and photographs collected on the surface of Mars, despite the inhospitable conditions that make human exploration impossible. These smart vehicles detect obstacles, such as craters, and find secure paths to reach their goal before returning to the shuttle.

Live on march thanks to artificial intelligence will also help scientists respond more quickly to emergencies during manned flights. It will enable astronauts to identify and prevent problems before they occur.

robotics companies ukA GUARD ALWAYS AWAKE

  • Artificial intelligence is widely used to protect individuals and businesses from burglary, but it also helps countries to fight against terrorist threats. Developed countries use many technologies equipped with artificial intelligence to protect themselves. For example, intelligent virtual agents like robotics uk  who help troops on the ground with surveillance systems and software capable of screening a large number of communications (sorting conversation, informal exchanges, decryption …).
  • Some home alarm systems use AI to distinguish occupants from unknown persons. Companies are working on the use of mini-drones the size of a bee which, combined with artificial intelligence, will be able to do surveillance without being seen …


  • Artificial intelligence is incorporated into medicine to help doctors detect diseases and save lives. Here are some examples :
  • Artificial intelligence will allow us to access personalized medicine medical centers use software to probe the heart and detect heart attacks before they occur.
  • Of artificial muscles with intelligent technology mimic the movements of real muscles to train medical students.
  • Some smart devices can distinguish real drugs from fake or contaminated pills.
  • Artificial intelligence will ultimately allow the treatment to be personalized by taking into account the genome analysis of each patient.
  • It is possible to use 3D printers to print living matter from stem cells (muscles, blood vessels …) . One can reasonably ask what will be possible to do once artificial intelligence will be able to control these printers …