Minecraft pocket edition apk free download latest version

The Minecraft is one of the famous android game which is available on the internet at the cost of around 7 dollars and this makes the players avoid playing this game. Due to budget problems many players are not playing this game. To give a solution to this problem there is a free version available on the internet.

In the free download version, you can able to play most of the features same in the paid version, but some of the advanced versions are restricted in this free game. The interesting level in the Minecraft pocket edition apk is playing survival mode.

In the survival mode, some tasks are given to the player, for example, you need to collect the wood. In this task, you can find woods around you almost immediately after you begin the game in the form of trees.

minecraft apk download

You need to break the blocks and make sure they get put into your inventory and to do this you need to go to your inventory. In the upper left corner of your game, there will be a button labeled as craft and tap it.

Now scroll through until you find the wooden planks, tap it and create the planks. These things are necessary to create most things in minecraft apk download. After that, you need to find the crafting table. In the Minecraft pocket edition, apk crafting tables need four wooden planks. Crafting the tables are used to create the majority of materials in the Minecraft.

Create it and fix it down on somewhere you want. Now you need to get the food. Food is essential to resorting to your health. You can either make a bread piece with wheat or make a mushroom stew with mushrooms or kill animals to cook for your food.