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Various Instant pot Indian recipes

People would like to taste various food items. Nowadays, people are busy with their work. So, they have to eat food quickly and rush up for their usual work. Taste of the food alone is not much important. The food should contain various nutritious values such as vitamins, calcium, etc. Hence, the food will be tasteful for our tasting buds and will be healthy for our bodies. Therefore, the food is the best medicine to cure the disease. So, people must choose good food to eat. Nowadays, both males and females are going to work. Hence, they have wake up early in the morning and prepare food for them and their children. This will be a headache for most people. Due to this, they may get more tensed while rushing to the office. Sometimes, the preparation of food may take a long time to complete. People must plan for the next day food preparation and if any item is missing for food recipe then they have to get in the previous day itself. These days, pressure cookers and Instant pot cookers are available to make the work easily and quickly. You can get various Indian recipes from

Indian food using Instant pot

Cooking Style

Vegetable Sambar

This South Indian side is regularly served at breakfast with dosa or idli but at the same time is flavorful all alone as a soup.

Easy instant pot vegetable biriyani

You definitely realize your Instant Pot is an incredible rice cooker – up your game with this quick and fragrant dish that additionally happens to be vegetarian and without gluten.

Instant Pot Indian Beef Curry

This recipe utilizes both the sauté and weight cooker elements of the Instant Pot for a delicate Kerala-style meat curry.

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