Foods that you should never eat with durian 

The durian does not have a great smell but it tastes like heaven. It is also known as the king of fruits and its month is august. If you are a durian lover then you need to have complete knowledge about it. You can order durian online or go for the offline market as well. But the taste of fresh durian puff singapore will take you to heaven.

These are the foods that you should never eat with or after durian:

  • White wine alcohol

There are numerous rumors about the combination of durian and alcohol but they are not true. It provides you severe indigestion, heartburn, and even death because the durian puff singapore has high sulfur content which helps to break down the alcohol in our body. So you should never try durian with white wine alcohol.

  • Crabs

Durian means something warmth into your stomach but crabs are said to be extremely cool. And the idea of mixing these foods has notable disparity which is not a good idea.

  • Mangosteen

If you eat durian and mangosteen reduce heatiness as it is still not good though. Durian is also known as calorie-rich food that may cause your body temperature to rise a bit.

  • Milk

Let us tell you that drinking milk after having a durian is lethal. But once you ate durian and then drink milk at the same time will increase the blood pressure can cause a heart attack.

  • Lychee

The durian and lychee are two hot fruits and if you mix then your body will feel suffocation.