What is a smoothie?

A smoothie is a thick and cold beverage made up of pure raw fruits or vegetables and prepared using a blender. These are often blended with other ingredients like crushed ice, water, sweeteners, nuts, seeds, dairy products like milk and cheese, chocolate and various other nutritional supplements, to enhance their tastes and make them more nutritionally beneficial. These are often confused with milkshakes, but the latter has lesser fruit content than the former. the smoothie has a lot of advantages and nutritional benefits that have been discussed in further detail in the upcoming content of the article.

smoothieBenefits of smoothie

A smoothie has the following benefits that have made it a staple drink after food for many of the foodies out there: –

  • They increase the energy of the body and revitalize it.
  • They improve the skin quality and help in maintaining its tone for longer durations.
  • They are a staple item for the ones aiming for dieting and weight loss.
  • They have an ample supply of essentials vitamins, minerals,andfiber
  • They act as detoxifiers and help in clearing the harmful organisms in the body.
  • They improve the overall mental concentration of the body and help in focusing even further.
  • They allow easy mixing of the nutrients with the bloodstream due to their smooth fluid properties.

How to prepare a smoothie?

The basic tool for preparing a smoothie is a good quality of blender. Post that the guidelines are very simple and basically consist of the following: –

  • Selection of the fruits and vegetables- This is the primary step because the proper choice of the fruits and vegetables determine the quality and taste of the final product. Raw materials like carrots, bananas, apples, mangoes etc. are the most common ones used in the smoothies and also have additions to other supplementary ingredients.
  • Selection of the base of the drink- Smoothies are thicker in nature and the normal fruit juices are thinner. Hence one needs to dilute the same with other fluids as per the flavor choice like water, milk, curd, yogurt, chocolate melts etc.
  • Addition of extra ingredient- Making a smoothie is an innovation within itself and one can add ingredients as per his or her choice to make the desirable flavor. For example, one can add some seeds to improve the texture of the final product.
  • Mixing- Post selection of the ingredients, these are put in the blender and allowed to get blended for sufficient time so that they mix properly and form a finer mixture. Further modifications can also be done post blending as per your choice.