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The best video apps to watch subtitles with quality

The way we watch series and movies has changed a lot in recent times, especially due to the increase in the size and quality of the screens of our smartphones and tablets. In addition, more and more people prefer to watch their series in the original version with subtitles. We are going to see some applications to add subtitles to our videos in the simplest way possible.

MX Player

Another powerful player that also allows us to download subtitles from the internet. With MX Player we will only have to press the menu, choose the option ‘Subtitles’ and, within it, ‘Online Subtitles’ to search for them automatically.

VLC (Video labs)

Personally, letmewatchthis   is the program that I recommend to everyone. Powerful and totally free, for years I have used VLC Player on the computer and, since it appeared for Android, also on my smartphone and my tablet. It is capable of playing almost any video format and allows you to add subtitles and manage them comfortably.

Sub Loader (Gregg Studio)

Sub Loader will search and download the subtitles of the videos that we have on our device. It will offer us several alternatives among the most known subtitle pages so that we can choose one of them, the language, etc. We can adjust our preferences so that the process is automatic. Of course, although there is a free version, it is too small and may be worth buying the full version, which costs just over one euro.

Yoga Book

One of the most suitable devices to enjoy our series and films is undoubtedly the Yoga Book, both for its 10.1 “Full HD screen, as for the rest of its specifications for multimedia, such as speakers with Dolby Atmos technology for surround sound.

primewire movies

In addition, with its hinge that allows rotation of 360º, the Yoga Book can be placed in four different positions, so that we choose the most comfortable with which to enjoy our activity: watch movies, write (with the Real Pen digital pen), or as a traditional laptop.

If you are connected to a WiFi network with an unlimited plan, then you will not worry about the consumption of mega files from the Netflix application. However, when you leave your house your smartphone makes use of the mobile data connection, which means that using an application such as Netflix leads us to consume the contracted megs. Now, how much does it cost to watch a movie, a series or a Netflix documentary?

As explained by Netflix, the consumption by the use of its application on mobile devices is determined by the quality of the video. And, obviously, the videos with higher quality and resolution – as well as audio quality – have a greater weight, which means that our data rate is consumed more quickly, although the videos are of the same duration in time