Best Radios

Is The Portable AM/FM Radio Still Relevant As Entertainment?

Radio stations are the first real entertainment technology that practically reached everywhere. They were popular and is already in existence even before television and the internet is born. There are a lot of devices now that can play almost any media but there is just something about having a dedicated radio player that you can lug around or a classic one that you can display at home. One of the main advantages of an AM/FM Radio that’s portable is that when all high tech communications are down, the old reliable radio networks will probably be the only means of mass communication available. That is probably a near impossibility but good to know, right?

A Wide Range Of Choice

Today there are a lot of choices for these gadgets. Some which adhere to the radio design language of the 1960s are quite popular especially among designers, who fuse functionality with a certain look of an era. However, looking like a vintage does not necessarily mean the electronics would be the same too. Nowadays we have wifi, internet, and Bluetooth radios. Old school AM/FM is still being manufactured and largely in use in those far-flung communities where connectivity is not stable yet or is weak. The Best Radios would be a combination of all the things mentioned above in one neat little package.

Best RadiosAM/FM Radio Stations is Nearly Extinct

All over-the-air radio will be going out eventually and studies indicate it could be in the next 10 years. In the relative scheme of things, this could be a short time, and all products associated with this expensive and power consuming transmission would be phased out. Public radio will very soon be a thing of the past. However, there is one way to avert this “death” and that is for public radio to go digital. This is something that all businesses must migrate to. To not do so would be the equivalent of suicide.

The Internet Radio

The internet is what is meant by going digital and the one thing the internet is it will definitely give you choices. Music is one of the main driving forces of the growth of the radio broadcast industry and the internet definitely has its advantages over the standard broadcasting methods. For a terrestrial or land-based radio broadcasting company, their customers would have to be local and would have to be within the radius of their tower. The internet eliminates this and you can listen to them anywhere that there is a data connection.  Choice and variety are the bywords when it comes to Internet Radio as you can listen to music on-demand, all at a click or a swipe of a button. With the internet, there are fewer advertisements and the number of internet radio stations are literally thousands if not more. With the most minimal of system requirements, almost any gadget can actually be used internet radio.

Your Choice

What it really boils down to is your preference over portability or if you would like to have something with more power for your home. There really is no shortage of choices out there and all you need to do is choose.