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New Condo Launches in Singapore: OCR is your go-to region

Recently, Singapore has launched many residential projects under government land sales (GSL) and en bloc sales, attracting home buyers and investors. The condo market has a steady increment even after COVID-19 effects. The prices of new condo launches in singapore have varied in the three regions. According to Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the prices in Core Central Region (CCR) and Outside Central Region (OCR) are falling by 0.6% and 0.2%, respectively, and the Rest of Central Region (RCR) is rising by 2.2% in 3Q2021.

The big question: which region to choose and why?

We know buying a home is a very important decision of life, you have to choose wisely. So, after deep probing, we prospect that the OCR region is best in many aspects.


  1. Property Prices:When you see the Singapore district map, OCR is away from the city center. Hence, the property price has been lowest here, and with GLS, most developers are bidding for property in OCR. In 2021, out of the three new launches of non-landed projects, two are cited in OCR. And you can also expect potential launches in OCR as MRT connectivity is excellent around the area
  2. Affordable and larger: The average price for newly launched condos is $1,374 per square foot (PSF), which is quite affordable in comparing other two regions- CCR averaged $2,387 PSF and RCR averaged $1781 PSF.

In OCR, most of the launches offer larger and spacious homes. Due to Covid-19, work from home is in trend, so the need for larger space has been increased.

  1. Investment Options:Most of the new launches come under GLS launches, have a tenure of 99 years, and are leasehold condos. The larger the tenure, the higher the price in the upcoming year.

The real estate market of Singapore has robust increment over the years, and OCR is the region with potential new launches in Singapore. Looking to the future, OCR is your go-to region from both the perspective – home buying and investment.

condo painting services

Juggle pleasing by the world of colours

Painting is an important aspect that adds grace to the building. Accentuating the interior of the dream home, or even setting up the classy graceful colour to the interior part of the building as well out the building. Choosing condo painting services could be the best preference to get the painting of the building. condominium owner always relays on the kind of work that is exhibited concerning painting service.

Features of condo painting:

The best quality of condominium is provided which endured by serene as well as secure the home.  It is sure to spruce up the hidden feeling on the home.

By availing this painting service, they fix the problems related to covering the spots that are seen on the wall. There is a varied range of choices where the customer can get all their desires fulfilled.

The professional crews are experts in dealing with the commercial painting of the interior of the apartment. They also undertake the painting of the exterior part of the apartments and different buildings. They do the painting for wall, ceiling, and doors which is the common areas of the building or an apartment.

A good tip relating to the availing of the painting service is to select the flat paint for painting the walls. The tech and expert team can transform the buildings and home into a most appreciable


It is sure to improve the appearance of the condo units. It adds value to the condo units can be increased by giving a graceful touch to them.

Some information about real estate

Property, as well as any fixed amenities related to the area, whether naturally or Human-made, such as water, forests, minerals, structures, dwellings, gates, and highways, is referred to as a real estate. A type of real asset is real estate. Automobiles, yachts, jewels, furnishings, and farm machinery are examples of individual possessions that are not irrevocably tied to the ground. Nowadays many people are showing interest but are confused about how to keep track of real estate leads. Let us look into some of the basics about it.

Although the phrases land, estate development, and physical assets are sometimes used indiscriminately, there are a few crucial differences to be made. The term “land” relates to the ground atmosphere, encompassing vegetation, minerals, and rivers, from the exterior to the core of the universe and upwards towards the sky beyond. The term “real estate” refers to the ground as well as any substantial human-made structures like homes and other structures. The interests, advantages, and privileges associated with land ownership are among the two primary categories of the asset.

Real estate encompasses the land’s visible area, what would be over and underneath, and what is irrevocably linked to it, as well as complete ownership and control, such as the ability to acquire trade, rent, and utilize the property. Personal possessions, which include any asset that does not meet the concept of land and buildings, must not be confounded with real property. Personal belongings have the major feature of being transportable. Automobiles, ships, furnishings, apparel, and cell phones are all instances.

The land has three basic qualities that distinguish it apart from other productive capital. The first one is immobility. Although some ground could be removed and the terrain modified, the geographical position of any piece of land cannot be shifted. The second attribute is indestructibility, which is the ability to withstand damage. The land is long-lasting and unbreakable. Lastly, there’s the concept of individuality. There can’t be two identical plots of property. Despite their commonalities, each lot is geographically distinct. Hope now you understood what is real estate? And what are the different characteristics of it?