Semi-Permanent Manicure

The 3 Most Kept Secrets about Semi-Permanent Manicure

Having a perfectly good manicure for your nails is every girl’s dream nowadays. Nail polish is becoming more popular for teens, young adults, and adults nowadays. With all the hyped behind semi-permanent manicures, it can now be classified as a fashion trend today.

Because of the hype, you can now purchase your own manicure sets. You can easily find them on the beauty stores and even online. Besides, these manicure sets don’t require a UV or LED lamp to dry up. So for those who prefer to DIY their manicures, it is truly a nail saving invention.

But not all the perfect manicures out there would cause no harm for your nails. There are still some secrets you should uncover about semi-permanent manicures. So before rushing to any beauty salon near you, you must read this article first to unlock the most kept secrets about semi-permanent manicure.

Semi-Permanent Manicure Secret #1:  Manicures Can Affect Your Nail Health

It is common that regular polish and gel manicures can begin to chip and peel off. And when that happens to your nails, the water can flow under the gel. Since the nail polish will lock up this moisture, bacteria and fungus can be formed underneath.

Nail Health

In rare cases, some might experience an infection. So you must keep in mind, DO NOT peel off, pick, or remove your Esmaltado semipermanente polish when it lifts. Layers of your nails can be damaged and so as the thinning of the nail plate.

Semi-Permanent Manicure Secret #2:  UVA and LED Lamps Have Risk

Gel and semi-permanent manicures are dried up with a UVA or LED lamp. These lamps are accountable to instantly dry the top coats and gel builders. However, unnecessary UV radiation exposure to your skin can make you at risk of aging.

One of the most common damages of UV lights is an aging effect. So to avoid getting the aging effects from UV lights, always apply a sunscreen 15-20 minutes beforehand.

Semi-Permanent Manicure Secret #3:  Give a Break to Your Nails

To keep your nails healthy, give your nails a vacation. It is also important to give your nails a break before getting a new pair of manicure. Besides, going weekly to a salon doesn’t give you a chance to properly assess the condition of your nails. Your nails will definitely thank you when you give them time to recover.

Remember, it doesn’t hurt if you see your nails without a coat for a while. But doing this can improve the health of your nails. Love your nails as early as possible, because when it’s late you’ll definitely regret it.