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Comparison of several methods concerning sunless tanning solution

Since then, people have been trying to discover how people can sunbathe without exposing themselves to harmful sunlight. The sunless tanning solution has become the latest fad since medical discoveries about the sun have shown that this could be the leading cause of skin cancer. Therefore, the sunburn method appeared.

Currently, there are several ways to tan without the sun, and we discuss some of them. Due to the variety presented to it, it can be very difficult to choose only one, so we want to analyze the different methods in greater depth.

Here is another comparison of sunless tanning method.


There are four main factors to consider when comparing tanning methods without the sun. These factors generally include several aspects of each method. These factors include: result, cost, security and convenience. How you want them to be displayed depends on your personal preferences.

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There are several options you can choose. However, the most popular will be sunless tanning lotions, sunless tanning sprays, tanning salons and tanning tablets. All these methods have an individual system that works in different ways. The results you can get from each of them can also vary.


beautiful tan

In general, methods that include sun tanning can give you a faster result than the traditional one, which can take days or even weeks to complete safely. However, the individual result for each sunless method may also differ from each other.

Since tanning salons are those that mimic the sun, they will be your ideal choice if you want something that gives you a more lasting effect. On the other hand, if you want the effect to last only a couple of days, for example, five to seven, then you should use tan sprays. In addition, tanning lotions can give the same effect.


The best thing about natural tanning is that you can get it for free. While you have sunlight, you don’t have to worry about spending a penny on it. However, the situation is different with tanning. In this method, you will have to reverse to get the desired skin tone.

Different methods also have different costs. There are some that will cost you only a few dollars. However, there are methods that will cost you several hundred dollars. It really depends on whether you have a budget or want to go bankrupt!


Security Most tanning salons or lamps remain controversial. This is because they still emit ultraviolet rays that can cause skin cancer. Tanning tablets are also controversial, as they are taken by mouth and side effects may not yet be detected.


The easiest will be the melanotan ii. Next in line will be a suntan lotion, lotions and sprays. Since not all people have tanning beds, you still need to go to the tanning bed to use one.